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Hi my name is Denise, and here is my story:

Like most new companies, JewelstoShoes was conceived from a desire to start my own business. My husband has an eye for unique jewelry. Many of the pieces he purchased have always brought me compliments. I was inspired by his great taste and style, and thought maybe I should start my own business with his guidance of course. I soon began dreaming, praying, researching and talking to friends for inspiration. With their blessings and support, I was ready to put my dream into action. Life is so unexpected, because a few weeks later my girlfriend Sharon called me and asked if she could take part in this journey with me. I knew with my business savvy and Sharon’s creativity we would be successful. We put our plan into action and met with counselors at the Small Business Administration, we took business classes, met with business consultants, and traveled to trade shows in and outside Los Angeles. We also met with jewelry designers, shoe distributors to help us create unique jewels and shoes to ensure the success of our business. Our goal is to establish a Direct Sales company to help provide financial freedom for women of all ages. I am so excited about this company and I can’t wait to share my exquisite pieces with you, and I invite you to come be a part of this wonderful unique business opportunity.

Now it’s my turn, I’m Sharon,

I"ve spent years wearing uncomfortable high-heeled shoes.  So my desire to introduce a line of comfortable yet equally-fashionable high-heels and flats had evolved into a plan to build a “host a shoe party” business.  When Denise mentions her desire to start a similar business I was ripe and ready to do the same.  My moment of pride only lasted a few weeks before I offered the prospect of us working together.  She said yes!  That day JewelstoShoes was born.  It’s so exciting because we have taken great pleasure in structuring our business to “share the wealth” with the consultants we bring onboard.  Great products sells, which means consultants who sell great products make money.  In pursuant of my own entrepreneurial endeavors is the opportunity to help other women fulfill their wants and dreams by providing a way for them to build their own business under the JewelstoShoes umbrella.  Sales is very powerful, because you control the amount of income you bring into your household, and the skies the limits.  It also helps when you’re able to present products that virtually sell themselves. Most women don’t wait until their jewelry and shoes wear out before they buy more.  Oh yes, I did mention that our products sell themselves, after leaving a hosted party ladies will be running out the door with their  JewelstoShoes shopping-pouch keepsake.

Finally, the birth of our business Fall 2007

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