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For you to become a consultant, you have three options, with convenient payment options:

OPTION A   For $49.99, you can become an active member for 12 months. What this means to you: You will receive 25% off all products, no pressure to sell or mentor, just enjoy  discounts off all JewelstoShoes products.
OPTION B   J2S New Birth Starter Kit – For $599.00 you will receive an assortment of products to start hosting parties immediately.  This kit includes 50 business cards, 8 catalogs, jewelry that re-sales for $400.00 and shoes that resale for $300.00.
OPTION C   J2S Aim Success Kit – For 799.00 you will receive exclusive products to jump-start your way to success.  You will receive 100 business cards, 15 catalogs, jewelry that re-sales for $600.00 and shoes that resale for $500.00.

* We understand that coming up with the immediate funds to start a business is not always easy. That"s why we offer you a plan to pay over 90 days. We will set you up on a monthly debit plan. For example, if you choose the $599 option, your first payment is due when you sign-up for $199.68 by check or debit card then, for the next two months, we will debit $199.66 on the 15th of each month from your checking account.*


*All Kits much be purchased with Cash, Money Order or Check- No Credit Cards*

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